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How to use QuickPull on OS 5.0

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Last updated: 18 Nov, 2009
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This article will help you install the QuickPull for OS 5 Technical Preview (Beta2).

* UPDATED with instructions for Beta2 *


You must meet the following requirements to use QuickPull on OS 5:

• A BlackBerry device running OS No lower version will work. To check your OS version, go to Options > About menu on your device.
• Ability to grant requested permission on your device.


Please go to Options > Advanced > Applications. Scroll down to QuickPull in the list, then press the Menu key and select Delete. Reset your device.

To install QuickPull Beta2 for OS 5, browse to one of the following links from your BlackBerry device: (QuickPull Pro) (QuickPull Free)

Immediately after installation, you will receive a series of prompts to grant "Trusted Application Status" to several components of QuickPull. Any time you see one of these dialogs, always choose YES to grant it Trusted Application status.


QuickPull will request certain permissions on first run. If you are having problems with QuickPull Beta2, do these steps to eliminate any permissions related problems:

1. Go to Options > Applications and highlight QuickPull in the list.
2. Press Menu > "Edit Permissions".
3. Set all three categories to "Deny".
4. Menu > Save.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 but set all permissions to "Allow".
6. Do a real battery pull.


QuickPull Beta2 is a BETA product and may not work on all devices. We are specifically interested in feedback from older devices with leaked OS 5 versions and users associated to a BES. Help us improve QuickPull for OS 5 by giving us your feedback in our Feedback Forum.

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